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Masterful Use of LinkedIn

I’ve been on LinkedIn for over 10 years and have never seen this before.

Creative Use LinkedIn

This is a classic example of how crafting simple, authentic content can easily distinguish one from the crowd. If the purpose of LinkedIn includes sharing who you are, deepening your relationships, and building your brand, this accomplishes all that and more in one masterful stroke.

Sharing his experiences in this way tells us much about this person:

  1. He’s self-aware, reflecting on his experiences, short-term and long-term.
  2. He’s vulnerable, willing to make those reflections public even if they relate to tough lessons learned.
  3. He’s giving, offering us nuggets of himself that we otherwise would not know. This gift keeps on giving because it also causes us to reflect on our own experiences.
  4. He’s smart yet down to earth, sharing lessons that are simple and pithy and others that are complex and analytical.
  5. He’s humble, proving that he continues to learn no matter how experienced he gets.

Thank you to Phil Nevels for being all these things and more.

College Education Should Start with Entrepreneurship

In yesterday’s New York Times, op-ed columnist Thomas Friedman had a piece entitled, “Need a Job? Invent It“. It was a spot-on assertion that in a world where virtually any fact or piece of information is available online, “the capacity to innovate…and skills like critical thinking, communication and collaboration are far more important than academic knowledge.” Continue reading

unpaid internships in startups vs big companies

Unpaid Internships at Startups vs. Big Companies

One of the most disappointing outcomes of the recession was the rapid growth of unpaid internships for college students. Disappointing not only because there was a lack of true value exchange in a democratic, capitalist society but more so because of the careless disregard, bordering on exploitation, demonstrated by some employers. Continue reading

A Scary Economic Truth

Last week, I spoke with a entrpreneur I’ve known for a few years. He launched a data mining and services firm which today employs six full-time people. I asked how things were looking, and he replied that they were growing fast and could double in size this year.

I then asked how many jobs they might add and he replied, “Uh, probably none.” Continue reading