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Finding vs. Keeping

Entrepreneurs are naturals at finding. We easily find business opportunities and new markets. We quickly find people who want to work with us by sharing our vision. And if we have the patience, adaptability, and tenacity, we find enough customers to build a business.

But once we make the find, we have a tendency to direct our time, attention, and resources away from it. We often lose interest with the people and organizations who take big risks in buying from us, working with us, investing in us, and partnering with us:  the early adopters who helped us build the foundation of a business. Continue reading

Entrepreneurs Should Stop Writing Business Plans

Last week, I was asked to teach an undergrad course at DePaul in the fall called Business Plan Development. I’ve taught it several times before, the last being in 2008, and it had been one of my favorite courses to teach because Continue reading