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The Entrepreneur as Craftsman

It’s not just about the entrepreneur or the startup, it’s about building a great company. It’s about tapping into our basic instinct to do a job well and develop the skills to do so.

Just as a father consistently focuses on doing his job well and keeps trying new techniques to get better. Or a teenager who earned her license and someday must drive in the mountains, through snow, or alongside a caravan of trucks. In each case, the craftsman is dedicated to doing quality work. Continue reading

Entrepreneurship Is a Craft

We’ve been fooled by the startup frenzy.

The giant sucking sound left by the great recession built cynicism towards corporate executives and Wall Street gazillionaires, turning entrepreneurs into heroes. Millions became inspired by those like Zuckerberg, Brin, Williams, and Pincus, thinking they could build a business with lines of code and checks from investors. Continue reading