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Mom and Pop Startups

The ambitions may have changed but reality hasn’t.

More first-time entrepreneurs have grander plans than those of the past. Gone is the desire to simply create a job for themselves or a small business that employs a few people. Today’s first-timers believe they can build the next Facebook, Starbucks, or Subway, and that’s good. Entrepreneurs need vision, ambition, and BHAGs. There’s nothing we can do – or should do – to temper their energy and enthusiasm. Continue reading

Let’s Build a Pathway for Entrepreneurs

When you think about it, it’s amazing what’s happened in the last twenty years.

  1. Grade-school entrepreneurs have made news, and over 150,000 kids each year now participate in an annual program to learn entrepreneurship by selling lemonade. Continue reading

Groupon’s Value to Chicago Goes Beyond Google Deal

This was a guest post for Crain’s Chicago Business, published on December 7, 2010 as part of Ann Dwyer’s Blog for Entrepreneurs. I could not find it in their archives, therefore, I’m re-posting it here.

Much speculation exists about why Groupon turned away Google. But rather than analyze the deal, wonder what Groupon’s board was thinking, or ponder its prospects for an IPO, consider the firm’s impact on Chicago both financially and culturally. Continue reading