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Co-Working and Education

Yesterday, David Wolinsky wrote a between-the-eyes piece on ADMCi’s blog about why co-working doesn’t live up to its inherent potential of 1+1=3. It was a more direct way of saying what I did a few months ago.

To me, the a-ha moment was realizing that the people behind many co-working spaces still haven’t figured out how to create the “stickiness” that’s so critical to any business. As David rightly puts it, many believe “we’ve got a spare room, let’s rent it out to a bunch of strangers to work.” Sorry, contrary to what they may think, co-working is not a simple real estate play. Continue reading

Catapult Chicago: Casting Its Own Shadow

Two minutes after I walk in, I see Galen and shake his hand. He tells me that as he and Ryan were coming up the stairs, they were remarking how wild it was that 150 people were going to show up at the Catapult holiday party. Just a year prior, they couldn’t have imagined it. Continue reading