Think, Act, Communicate

In his book, Start With Why, Simon Sinek shares the idea that great leaders think, act, and communicate based on the Golden Circle.

I’m discovering that Think-Act-Communicate (TAC) is also an effective framework for strategic and tactical planning, particularly for startups and small companies, who don’t need the bloated planning frameworks often used in business.

TAC provides a simple yet thorough way of organizing the insane collection of thoughts, to-do items, and messages that most entrepreneurs encounter every single day.

  • Think: Who are we, what are we trying to achieve, and how will we achieve that? In my eyes, this simplifies the elements of more bloated planning systems: vision, mission, values, principles, goals, strategies, and tactics.
  • Act: At this moment in time, what the things we must implement, execute, and do? This includes the short-term tasks and projects that typically occupy our to-do lists.
  • Communicate: What do we need to say to whom at what points in time? This includes everything from the brand and sales cycle, to the hiring process and employee feedback, to vendor negotiations and supply chain management.

By no means do I believe that this covers everything we think of and must do. Again, I see it as a model to organize what goes through our heads every day, often at the most random times.

I just recently began the process of using TAC for my own work and business. Over time, I’ll share my experiences and would love to hear from others who already use it or plan to experiment with it.





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