The Unsung Heroes of Entrepreneurship

There’s a group of people who rarely get noticed.

They don’t get recognition from customers and employees, investors don’t include them in due diligence, and the community doesn’t ask about them. They put up with long hours, crazy ideas, and mood swings.  They tolerate our visions of doing big things and our obsession with seemingly ridiculous details. 

These people feel the real impact of the emotional ups and downs, the business twists and turns, the near-death experiences and the coming-to-terms of failure. They deal with no or low salaries, skipped paychecks, uncertain savings, and cashed-out personal assets.

They’re the ones who often don’t fully understand what we do but still tell people they’re proud of us. The ones who can’t understand why we put up with the uncertainty and ambiguity but are able to tell us that it’ll all work out in the end. It’s a group that provides their undying support and unconditional love, a group that sacrifices the pursuit of their dreams so we can pursue ours.

They know who they are and why they’re important. And even if others don’t give them credit, we know we couldn’t do what we do without them.