Make Good Choices

Your business is defined by decisions. Who you hire, where you locate, how you message, what you sell, why you exist. They all contribute to the identity you have and will have – to employees, customers, and yourself. But those are the big decisions and we often take them seriously.

Every day, you’re faced with dozens of others, most of which seem minor but really aren’t. Each one adds a bit more identity to your company, affecting the product, the culture, the brand, the operation. Over time, they add up considerably, to the point where the results are so intertwined, each element seems impossible to pull apart if you wanted to.

Every day, these are the decisions that you’re able to make quickly, often require no money and perhaps take only a little conversation. Many seem intuitive and are made easily. Problem is that much of the time those decisions are made in the midst of the day-to-day.

How often do you pause and write down the decision you’re faced with making? How frequently do you call a meeting with yourself to think through it? When was the last time you called a mentor or colleague to focus just on that one little decision you were pondering?

Think about all the values, virtues, and vices you possess as an individual. Every one was shaped by little decisions made daily by your parents and then, at a certain point, by you. Every one added a little more color to who you are, why you exist, what you say, and where you are.

Take some inspiration from parents out there who make the same small decision every day. As annoying as it sounds to children, those parents decide to utter three simple words that, over a lifetime, add up considerably to define an identity: “make good choices”.