To My Students

  1. I believe entrepreneurship can’t be taught but I do believe it can be learned. My job is to help make that happen by being a facilitator, coach, and mentor rather than a teacher. Your job is to help make it happen by telling me how I can help you.

  2. I believe entrepreneurship is learned when it mimics what entrepreneurs go through everyday: ambiguity, change, uncertainty, learning from failure, and celebrating small wins. Taking initiative, making decisions, and asking for help along the way. Having a vision you don’t deviate from and having a plan that you do deviate from. Always iterating and improving because it’s never good enough.

  3. I believe entrepreneurship is learned by doing and thinking. I can “see” the doing based on the work you do but I can’t “see” the thinking. The closest I can come to that is by hearing what you have to say.

  4. I believe in learning together. Each of us has only one brain capable of producing thoughts based on experiences, ideas, and talents. When we share those thoughts with others, everyone learns more. The more brains that share, the more exponential the learning becomes.

  5. I believe learning goes to another level when we’re pushed outside our comfort zone but allowed to stay in our safety zone.

  6. I believe learning is lifelong. What you learn in this course should be useful far and beyond the course, the academic year, and your degree.

  7. I believe I can help make you smarter and better. And it will require both of us to take a leadership role.