Writing for Inc.com: Thank You

As I tweeted yesterday, I’m honored to join the esteemed ranks of columnists who contribute to Inc.com, the companion website to Inc. Magazine. In my first column, I tell the story of how I got the gig by circumstance, sparked by a post I wrote on this blog back in July.

I’m looking forward to this opportunity. As an amateur blogger who has been writing primarily for my own benefit, it’s quite a challenge to write for someone else and their audience. I learned that when I submitted the first draft of the column to my editor; it was as humbling an experience as I’ve had in recent years.

For the Inc. column – entitled “Growing Smart” – I’m going to focus on leadership, learning, and emotional intelligence as overall themes, hoping to use a voice of thought-provoking content targeted squarely to founders and leaders of growing companies. I’m planning to bring my experience working with startups and growth firms, especially what I’m learning through our work at The Junto Institute.

I look forward to your reactions, positive and negative, as well as ideas for future columns. And I’ll continue practicing my writing in this space on a daily basis.

Thank you for caring enough to read, react, and respond.