The Little Things (Still) Matter

First impressions are formed by big things: initial appearance, reputation, messaging, friends and affiliations, etc. But over time, our impressions are increasingly formed by the little things, subtleties and nuances that tell us much more about individuals and entities, and lead us to investing in relationships or not.

Our fast-paced world has forced each of us to be multi-tasking, hyper-connected, over-scheduled, and constantly accessible. It affects our attention spans and how we communicate. We’re far more connected than we ever were but we’re also less connected than we ever were.

Fewer people interact face-to-face. Fewer people call to just say “how’s it going?” Fewer people have real conversations. Fewer people look each other in the eye. Fewer people listen. Fewer people say thank you.

Improve three little things this week. See how they make you feel and see how they affect others. See how they still matter.