I’m Looking Forward

I love hearing that. I heard it three times this week and each time, it made me smile.

“I’m looking forward” makes it personal. It puts humanity into the equation, making the exchange less of a transaction and more of a relationship. It becomes more about them and less about us, and we know that if we nail it, they’ll come back for more. Look forward to more.

“I’m looking forward” means they share our vision. They get why we’re doing it, how we’re doing it, and what we’re doing. They were seeking what we created but didn’t necessarily know it. And now they want to participate and follow our lead.

“I’m looking forward” confirms what all entrepreneurs believe in: that it’s about the future, not the past. That we have the power to create the future that not only we want but that we believe our customers need. That our responsibility is to avoid the status quo and make the world a better place.

“I’m looking forward.”

It’s why we do what we do, to get our customers to anticipate something favorable coming their way, to give them something they want, to engage their senses, to get them excited. It inspires us to do great work and deliver on our promise because if they’re looking forward, we can’t – just can’t – disappoint.

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