Starting a Company Is Easy

If you think it’s hard now, just wait.

In the early years, it’s mostly about product development, market exploration, funding, and the first people. Later on, it becomes about new customers and repeat customers, hiring and firing, financing and investing. Your job as the leader becomes about team-building, motivation, branding, culture, legal issues, supply chain, strategic planning, and training. And don’t forget about occasionally bailing out employees, handling office break-ins, or fighting competitor lawsuits.

company growth curve

Want proof that it’s really hard? Think about where you are on the growth curve and then think about all the places you can turn to for help: incubators, accelerators, universities, development programs, angel networks, competitions, etc. It’s amazing how many resources there are. Not only is it easy to start a company, it’s also easy to help one that’s starting.

Where do you go once you move up the curve? Consulting firms, books, conferences, and maybe a few organizations? That’s it?

Not only is it hard to grow a company, it’s also really hard to help one that’s growing.