A Real Community

A real community does not have a single leader. Everyone who is a part of that community is the leader. Everyone has a voice, the permission to inspire fellow members, and a responsibility to move the community towards its goals.

A real community not only sets standards and expectations for its members but enforces them. Every member of the community has a responsibility to protect and foster its values and principles. When someone doesn’t abide by them, it’s the community’s obligation to correct it.

A real community has shared values and principles but diverse capabilities and gifts. Every member has the responsibility to uncover the gifts of fellow members and exploit them for the community’s benefit. Every member has the responsibility to mentor each other and ask for help.

A real community extends itself into the larger community in which it operates. It has a responsibility to contribute to the rising tide effect, shine a light on others, and lend a helping hand.

Find a real community, and join it.

One comment

  1. Jeffrey Carter (@pointsnfigures)

    I think that successful, sustaining entrepreneurial communities are lead by entrepreneurs. Brad Feld identified “leaders and feeders” in his book on Startup Communities. Initially, I didn’t agree with him, but after contemplating it I agree wholeheartedly.
    Govt. officials, educators, universities, check writers are Feeders. Once they know and understand their role, the community is better for it.

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