Back to School, Again and Again

Part of the problem with our education system is that it has an end. Culturally, it’s high school or college. Personally and economically, it’s often graduate school. No matter where the finish line, the point is that there is one.

Yet most adults agree that our learning goes on forever, not only with life but also our chosen profession. Most of us want to get better and smarter at what we do but we’re left to our own to figure out how to do that. It’s why we fall into the default phrase that “learning by doing” is the best option. It’s not necessarily the best option; we call it that because it’s really the only option.

Sure, there are books, seminars, blogs, and courses through which we can learn. But they’re all episodic in scope. We finish one and then move on to the next. We’re not held accountable for our learning, we rarely learn with others, and we seldom take the time to reflect on what we learned.

We need a better way of learning for adults, an actual system that has no end. We need a way that acknowledges that learning is infinite and not tied to a milestone like a degree or continuing education credits. We need a way that is based on wisdom not knowledge. And we need a way for learning to emphasize interdependency and connectedness over self.

Imagine how much smarter and better we could all be.