Wisdom Over Knowledge

It used to be that knowledge was something we sought out. Whether at school, in encyclopedias, on the back of baseball cards, or from the evening news. But today, knowledge is literally in the palm of our hands. We value it less because we have greater access to more of it, and on demand.

What is sought out now is wisdom. And wisdom has never been something that was in encyclopedias or on baseball cards. Wisdom is in our heads and in our hearts, collected over time and through experience.

Wisdom is what Millennials want from their teachers to remain engaged in the classroom. It’s what entrepreneurs want from mentors to avoid mistakes and accelerate progress. It’s what children want from their parents to better understand them.

We value wisdom more than knowledge, want greater access to it, and wish it could be on demand. And the only way we’ll get closer to that is by each of us sharing more of it.

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