Starters and Finishers

There are two kinds of people: starters and finishers.

Starters have ideas, visions, and dreams. They initiate, lead, and build things. Starters get bored easily, so they tinker with what they’re working on or create new things. They don’t always care why they’re doing what they’re doing; they just feel like they have to and if it takes a while, so be it. Starters care about the process, the journey, the game.

Finishers have plans, checklists, and roadmaps. They execute, follow, and make things great. Finishers work on getting things done so they rarely get bored. They like to know why they’re doing what they’re doing: they don’t want it to be a waste of time because time is precious. Finishers care about the outcome, the destination, the win or loss.

It’s easy to figure out which one you are. The challenge is to understand and be grateful for the others on your team.