Just Ask (or How to Get What You Want)

To this day, I get impressed by the courage of young people who reach out to me blindly for help. It understandably happens at DePaul where, like on virtually any campus, it’s perfectly acceptable (and encouraged) for students to seek assistance from faculty and staff.

But this also happens with other young people, whether they’re students at different universities in Chicagoland or emerging college-grad entrepreneurs in their 20s. They do what I rarely had the courage or humility to be able to do at the same age: just ask.

Whether it’s getting feedback on a business idea, learning about my career path, or simply to meet, they just ask. The reason almost never matters to me; rather, it’s their courage, desire, and ambition to which I respond.

I didn’t develop the ability to just ask until well into my 30s. As I look back, I wonder how many people I didn’t meet, how many clients I didn’t get, how many organizations I didn’t join, how many opportunities I didn’t see. But once I learned the lesson, I changed.

Wayne Gretzky famously said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

So, please, take a shot. Then take more. Just ask.


  1. Andy RZ

    Raman – There is a recent TEDTalk by Amanda Palmer called The Art of Asking http://on.ted.com/Amanda…I have heard about you from other folks and am inspired by your openness and exploration through conversations…I look forward to connecting more in the future regardless of when I graduated from school…learning and engaging is always – thank you for your on-going conversations

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