Fresh Convos, Vol. II: People Changing the Conversation in Chicago

Second in a series of content that I find to be refreshing and thought-provoking from within Chicago’s startup community.



Mistakes Do Not Matter, by Scott Mandel of Snapclass. A wonderfully concise and transparent discussion of the ever-important need for entrepreneurs to move on, and quickly. “Just 36 hours after launching I realized a major mistake; our pricing model.”

Should Chicago Build Another 1871? Nope, by Jeff Carter of Hyde Park Angels. An argument for building breadth in Chicago’s startup community rather than depth. “Entrepreneurship is amoebic, networked and rapidly changing.”

The Third Industrial Revolution, by Zach Kaplan of Inventables. An amazingly detailed account of how manufacturing is going digital, with plenty of visual examples. “We believe killer applications will be in toys and in on demand custom products like jewerly.”

What Did Steve Jobs and Ferdinand Magellan Have in Common?, by Patrick J. Murphy of DePaul University. Leadership lessons for today’s entrepreneurs drawn from a contrast with seafaring expeditions from hundreds of years ago. “Leadership transforms member performance when it sets free the basic values or intrinsic motivations already existing in members.”

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