Startups, Take More Pictures

Last week, I met with one of our CEO mentors in The Junto Institute. As a former social worker, he inherently understands the process of discovery-based mentoring and has done a lot of it in his career.

Based on that experience, he encouraged us to find a way to collect insights from the mentors and startups not only on the program but also each mentoring session. In his view, it would be valuable for us to capture the thoughts of both parties with respect to the mentoring process, relationship, and outcomes.

I couldn’t have agreed more. To me, that content would be “data” on our business and if we started collecting it now (at its launch stage), it would become a natural part of what we do. But then he brought up another benefit, not only for us but also for the startups in the program.

As he reflected on his own 30-year entrepreneurial career, the mentor recalled several moments etched in his memory from the early days of his food business. Sure, some were pure nostalgia, but others represented some of the building blocks of his company’s success: small ordinary moments at the time, but inflection points on the growth and development chart.

He then said metaphorically, “I wish I took more pictures.”

One comment

  1. Chris Finlay

    Couldn’t agree more. Collecting little bits of imagery and information over time in a methodical way will add up to a great deal of foreseeable and unforeseeable value but startups often wait far too long to bother with it.

    Progressive and proactive note taking and picture taking can’t be undervalued.

    Visuals in particular are what get people to rapidly consume your story, especially in today’s newsfeed world and too few companies have much fodder for this when they are ready to make a great site or engage with their fans, they end up paying too much for cheesy art.

    Start now or repent later! Or something like that! ;)

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