Be with People Who “Get It”

In the closing scene of the movie, The Polar Express, Hero Boy’s sister finds one more Christmas present under the tree. If you don’t remember the scene, or didn’t see the movie, here it is.

We all know that entrepreneurs do not succeed unless they truly believe they will succeed. But it goes beyond themselves. They must also have people around them who believe – friends, family, co-founders, early employees, investors, etc. But that’s not easy.

It can be an uphill battle to find people who “get it” or to effectively communicate your vision so that they do. But, as we all know, those are two critical roles of any leader.

Every one of those people must hear the bell for a startup to succeed, and it’s the founders’ responsibility to find people who do. It’s also the founders’ responsibility to stay away from, or let go, those who don’t.


  1. Riley

    I definitely agree, yet you have to make sure to differentiate between people who “don’t get it” and people who are knowledgable and trying to set you off in the right direction.

  2. JEH

    This was just absolutely superb!

    I was wondering on the same issue, while this blog (my first visit) was open on another tab. And what do I see as soon as the thought pops up. This post. Must say, the headline got me. Better thing was how relevant the scene is. (I have not seen Polar Express, something on the list to do now)

    thanks Ramanan.. Bookmarked

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