Recap of Posts from May 2012


Happy June, especially to dads and grads. A special shout-out to all the students I had this year who are graduating from DePaul…it’s a beginning, not an end! Good luck!

May was another productive month for me, keeping the momentum from April. The inspiration is still flowing and I have a long list of topics I want to write about going forward. Comments from readers, more subscribers, and increasing visits to my blog are keeping me motivated…thank you!

Here’s a recap of my posts from May, in order of the number of views.

  1. Pivot but Don’t Pirouette: The danger of excessive pivoting and the role that mentors play. This one got a lot of activity on Twitter.
  2. The Differences between Founder and CEO Titles: A list of eight ways the two titles can be compared, contrasted, and confused. Was very well-received on BuiltinChicago.
  3. Unpaid Internships at Startups vs. Big Companies: Why college students and grads should pursue entrepreneurial internships. I was hoping to hear from some corporate HR folks.
  4. Starbucks, Startups and Why Vision Matters: My desire of wanting to see, hear, and be around more entrepreneurs who want to build things that change the world. I’m a little tired of people who think small.
  5. 5 Ways to Be a Better Mentee: How young and/or first-time entrepreneurs can make the most of mentoring relationships. The list can go on and on.
  6. The Depth & Breadth of Startup Mentoring: A comparison of old-school mentoring with the variety occurring today. I officially sound like a father.
  7. Let’s Build a Pathway for Entrepreneurs: The ongoing maturation of entrepreneurship support, from grade school programs to peer-to-peer forums. I’m giving a big hint about my new venture.
  8. Are Leaders Born or Made?: My argument for why leadership, like entrepreneurship, can be learned. Another hint.

Once again, would love your feedback, critiques, and suggestions. Happy start of summer!

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