A Recap of April Blog Posts

Happy May.

April was one of my most consistent months ever for blogging. I believe the main reason is that with my new gig and teaching more classes, I’m seeing, hearing, thinking, and experiencing new things. It’s been cool to see how change can give you a broader perspective yet greater focus, particularly in creative efforts like writing. I hope the inspiration continues this month.

In any case, here’s a recap of my blog posts from April, in order of the number of views.

  1. Entrepreneurship Comes of Age at Chicago Universities: The ongoing development, maturation and newsworthiness of entrepreneurship programs and centers.
  2. Entrepreneurs Should Stop Writing Business Plans: Why and how the documents are becoming increasingly irrelevant.
  3. The Frictionless Startup: An exploration of a segment of entrepreneurs who focus on working hard and working smart.
  4. The 3 Types of Students in My World: How I classify students based on their entrepreneurial interests and actions.
  5. Lead or Get Out of the Way: When leaders become their own speedbumps.
  6. The Long Haul (previously posted by Crain’s Chicago Business): My predictions and forecasts relative to the short-term thinking and behavior of recent years.

I’d love your feedback, critiques, and suggestions. Best wishes for a productive and prosperous month!

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