What Inspires You?

I believe it all starts with inspiration, that entrepreneurs have a greater propensity to be inspired than non-entrepreneurs.

For some reason, we entrepreneurial types are wired to feel a stronger emotional spark from things we see, people we meet, and places we go. It’s what drives our desire to create, build, start, and change things.

I sensed this last week when Steve Jobs died. While reflecting on his unbelievable accomplishments, I felt a shot of inspiration to do something big and bold.

When I see my kids figure out a math problem after an hour of trying, I get inspired to not give up something I’m working on. When I hear a young entrepreneur say he got his first customer, I get inspired to help him get his second. When I visit a really cool place, I get inspired to change the environments in which I live and work.

What inspires you? What gets the adrenaline going that drives you to be a change agent? What causes all those sparks that lead to visions for new products, new ventures, and new ways of life?

Imagine if you spent more time putting yourself in those situations. Imagine what you could do.

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