Fox Chicago TV Interview

I had the honor of being invited last Friday to talk about Chicago’s tech entrepreneurship scene on Fox Chicago’s morning show. Here’s the segment (sorry, couldn’t embed it due to WordPress limitations).

This was only my second time on live TV, which is a little nerve-wracking because there’s no room for error. In fact, I flubbed twice:

  1. when I said, “Groupon spin-offs”, I immediately corrected myself to say what I meant – “Groupon-inspired startups”
  2. when I said “over 200 events” would be at the¬†TechWeek¬†conference; I meant to say “over 200 sessions“.

The day before the interview, I had a brief call with Anna Davlantes, the anchor who did the interview. We went over the subject matter for the interview and what she wanted to ask me.One area was youth entrepreneurship in Chicago, and the other was how startups and small companies are creating jobs. Regretfully, we had time for neither topic, which was a bummer because both are among my favorite things to talk about.Maybe next time.

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