Slip Into Something More Uncomfortable

We learn the most when we’re uncomfortable.

It’s when our heart beats so fast that our face flushes. It’s when our gut feels so uneasy that it churns. It’s when our mind gets so stretched that it hurts.

In the moment, we may not know what’s happening. But when it’s all said and done, it’s a euphoric high. And once we’ve had time to reflect, we realize that it was a learning experience, a growth experience.

But we rarely do it intentionally. We rarely seek out people, places, and experiences that make us uncomfortable. But we should. We need to. It’s the most effective way to grow, personally and professionally.

So how do you get uncomfortable?

  • Experiment with an idea you once thought was crazy. Just do it. You have nothing to lose. You may learn it was wrong or that it was a bad idea. So what?
  • Attend a business event where you don’t know anyone. Ideally, it should be an event that has nothing to do with your industry, your market, or your expertise.
  • Meet regularly with people who challenge you. Not just those who can but those who do on their own accord. Share your ideas with them and let them go at it. Don’t get defensive and don’t explain anything unless you’re asked to.

In all these scenarios, just take it in. Let your face flush, let your gut feel uneasy, let your mind hurt.

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