Here’s a Challenge for You

Do one thing tomorrow that will positively impact you or your business right away and that you can measure. Here’s 10 ideas but feel free to come up with your own.

  1. Cut an expense that you’ve been debating for some time.
  2. Give salespeople a one-day incentive to close deals (time off, bonus/commission, gift, etc.).
  3. Offer customers a deal that’s great for them (“buy one, get one free”, X% off, etc.) but one that’s also profitable for you.
  4. Clean out your email inbox. Entirely.
  5. Keep calling old customers with whom you haven’t spoken in a while until you get a sale.
  6. Discipline, or let go, that employee you’ve been planning to but haven’t been able to build up the courage to do.
  7. Delete items on your to-do list that have been there for over three months.
  8. Clean your desk and/or office.
  9. Start reading one of those books you ordered and having been staring at for months.
  10. Finish that book that you’ve been meaning to for the past __ weeks or months.

If you actually meet my challenge, pat yourself on the back and brag about it in the comments section!


  1. adammorden

    Thanks for the kickstart Raman! I used to get 3 things done that I’ve been putting off for weeks or months. We finalized our Credit Card account so starting in about 10 days we’ll have removed a major barrier to purchase by accepting all major credit cards and interac rather than just cash or check. I’m really excited about this as I think it will allow my business to grow that much faster. We did a 1 day 20% off membership sale and added 4 new members, and I’m now halfway through the first of the books on my reading list,the China Study (but there are 10 more stacked behind it).

    • Raman Chadha

      Great to hear, Adam. Congrats on getting the things off your to-do list and, more importantly, moving things forward! Keep the momentum going this morning when you get to work.

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