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I’m looking forward to meeting members of OfficePort Chicago on Thursday, January 21 at its monthly TechThursdays event.

Rather than deliver a canned talk, I plan to lead a discussion on entrepreneurship, Chicago’s scene, and the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center. So please give some thought to those topics and post your questions before Thursday’s event.>

I’ll then use them as a launching pad for our discussion and give you props for your effort, thoughtfulness, and creativity!


  1. Jason

    Hi, Raman. Looking forward to your talk.

    I have a couple topics I’d like you to address:

    1. Why isn’t Chicago a player in the tech start-up world? Established high-tech companies and universities are everywhere you look. Yet there are so few new success stories. What’s holding Chicago back?

    2. Have you read Tim Ferriss’s “The 4-hour Work Week,” and if so, what do you think of his outsourced take on entrepreneurship?

  2. Zishan

    I was made aware that TechStars came to Chicago, evaluated the “tech” scene (i.e. stream of viable startups emerging from education and private sectors), and left.

    What’s it going to take to get a techstars or y-combinator “mentorship” type program (Not necessarily of either brand. Could be a local initiative) in Chicago? I heard you had been talking about such a thing 2 years ago, CEC is “talking” about it now, others have talked about it. What’s missing that is preventing execution?

    If I have a few minutes, I’ll see if I can forward you an excerpt from an ongoing email chain regarding this topic.


  3. Mike Maddaloni - @thehotiron

    A topic of conversation among many of my colleagues has been around mentorship. We have all been in business for a while, in the range of mid 30’s to mis 40’s, and would love to have a mentor to engage with on a regular basis, someone who is experienced and would have an interest in our business. We are not seeking a coach, merely wisdom.

    But there’s one problem – how to find one! Other than the chance meeting with someone, how does one seek out a mentor.

    On the flipside, I have been fortunate over the years to be called a mentor to people, and also serve on the board of advisors for 2 firms. If I were interested in offering to be a mentor to someone, where would I turn?

    I’m looking forward to meeting you tonite at OfficePort!


  4. Joan Koehler

    Again and again, when a Chicago start-up tech company becomes successful, a larger company on the East or West Coast buys it and moves the operations out there. Is there anything the city (or the tech community) should be doing to counter this behavior?

  5. Paul Caswell

    Hi Raman,

    I’m looking forward to seeing you at OfficePort tonight.

    I really benefited from the insights that I learned about my business when I took part in the business modeling process that you designed.

    Could you share some of the basic of this approach with the group here? It would be great to bounce ideas off each other and also gain clarity about everyones business (including our own) by sharing our core components, strategies and rules.


  6. Shaul Jolles

    For an A.D.D person such as myself to sit down for 2 hours and then hate the fact that a presentation is over is just unheard of.
    Thank you for a stimulating discussion.


  7. ash

    Raman — Thanks for your very stimulating talk. Looking forward to chatting with you further and learning from your wealth of experience. Not enough mentors in Chicago for people doing new and entrepreneurial things.


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