It’s Business. But When It’s Yours, It’s Personal.

Updated May 1, 2013

In recent months, I’ve been in a lot of conversations about the lives of business owners and entrepreneurs like you. Although I lived that life some years ago and am now living it again, and these discussions have continue to opened my eyes.

Call it the result of repetition, the wisdom of old age, or simply a whack upside the head. Whatever the reason, I‘m seeing your life in a very different way, in a way that leads me to the conclusion that no one else, except other business owners, has your life.

Of course, we know what that life is like – daily ups and downs, the tenacious pursuit of dreams, and the pride of having your name on the door. But one thing seems to drive, and transcend, all those things. That one thing is what has opened my eyes. That one thing is that when you’re in business, it’s personal.

It’s personal because to start, you invested your life savings, borrowed against your home, cashed in your 401K, and/or asked family and friends for money.

It’s personal because when you physically leave work, you do not mentally leave work.

It’s personal because when it’s Thursday and there’s not enough money in the bank for Friday’s payroll, you put it on your charge card.

It’s personal because it’s not about achieving work/life balance. Heck, there’s no such thing.

It’s personal because over 30% of your net worth is tied up in the business.

It’s personal because when an employee is sick, on vacation, quits abruptly, or just can’t perform, guess who picks up the slack?

It’s personal because the one thing you don’t find yourself saying is, “It’s not my job.”

It’s personal because you can’t go out for a drink after work to complain about your job with co-workers.

It’s personal because when you “step outside yourself” and look at your business, it’s like looking into a mirror.

It’s personal because you love what you do, and as a result, you’ll never work another day in your life again.

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