People I’ve Met (with) Recently

One of the coolest things about my job is the wide array of people I get to be around. I often share stories of these folks with the Coleman Center staff, my students, friends/family, and others. But I thought perhaps I should share little nuggets about them in this forum.

  • Lenny Lebovich, Founder/CEO of Lenny’s Real Beef. In process of raising capital for an organic beef consumer packaged good. In other words, a grocery store product that will compete side-by-side with existing packaged beef products. Seems to have an impressive management team; seed funding came from his own pocket (he sold a company prior to this); is a former investment banker.
  • Nancy Sharp, President/CEO of Food for Thought. Can’t say enough about this woman. Has served on our advisory board for the past few years, is a great idea person, and might be the warmest entrepreneur in town. Everyone loves her.
  • Mike Rosenthal, Partner at Sonnenschein Nath Rosenthal law firm. Mike is one of the self-described six attorneys from major law firms who work closest with entrepreneurs/start-ups in Chicago (growth firms). A passionate and articulate advocate of entrepreneurship. Very community-focused.
  • Karen Gordon, Executive Director of Illinois Technology Foundation, a new non-profit spin-off of the Illinois Technology Association. Her job is to bridge the talent gap, close the brain drain, and otherwise help tech in Illinois by forming partnerships with universities and corporations. They’re doing it through “memberships” in the foundation’s private social media site.

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