Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies (such as the Czech Republic)

Last May, I had the pleasure of teaching in DePaul’s overseas MBA program in the Czech Republic. Besides being a tremendous life experience, it was by far the most fulfilling teaching experience I have had. Because of its Communist ties and history of oppression, the Czech Republic has not exactly been a haven for entrepreneurship. Therefore, it was an intellectual challenge to learn how the subject matter should be taught in such a context. Apparently, that debate extends to the students themselves.

The program’s September newsletter featured a “rant” by one of its staff members about whether the entrepreneurship course should remain in the curriculum (the program is a “lockstep” curriculum, whereby an entire cohort goes through a pre-determined courseload).

While it didn’t sound like they were planning to remove the course from the curriculum, one of my students who enjoyed the course obviously thought so, and replied to the editor with the following. Please keep in mind that English is typically a second or third language for students in this program.

Your article about entrepreneurship course actually called my attention – i have no clue why CMC management decided not to offer that course to the new students.

It was the BEST course to close the MBA…because of the topic itself. Indeed, DePaul is super well known especially because of the entrepreneurship school – so why not to offer it? We experienced its power back in Chicago. Besides, It puts together everything what MBAs have learned and put it together in one life-style – so to say. It is the greates mistake – in my opinion – if that course will be truely not offered to MBAs in CMC.

That was, obviously, a nice vote of confidence. And it supported some of the other feedback I had received from additional students since last May. In fact, I figured it was important to publish that feedback as a response to the original newsletter “rant”.

So in the October issue of the newsletter, CMC was kind enough to publish my own “rant”.

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